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from birth to bush, from page to stage...


Born in Sydney in 1950, and educated at St Aloysius College and Sydney University, David began writing poetry while working at seasonal wheat and cotton harvests in northern NSW, and then began performing poetry after a season of picking grapes on the Murray River and travelling to Adelaide during the annual arts festival where he first experienced poets performing their own work.

David organised his first poetry show on the Northern Rivers in 1978, and founded the Katoomba Folk Club in 1980, and then hosted a series of poetry recitals and folk concerts around the Blue Mountains. During the early 1980s David also worked with the Q Theatre Company, and performed as a musician both in bands and theatre productions.

Based in Nimbin for many years David has worked in street theatre and radio production as well as managing and performing in music groups, concerts and cabarets. He has been President of the Nimbin School of Arts for over 30 years.

In 1991 David founded Lismore's Live Poets, and in 1992 he began Byron Bay's Writers at the Rails; he also began touring with a dynamic poetry performance troupe the Stand Up Poets. For many years David has given entertaining and inspirational school poetry performances, together with masterclasses for senior students on HSC curriculum poets.

Out of the Blue is David Hallett's fourth collection of published poems tracing the the cycles of war and peaces, the spin of politics and media, climate chaos, love, shopping and our maddening digital world.