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something has unlocked
to pronounce the beautiful words
that were frozen in my mouth,
lost in my mind, always in my heart/
(I had put aside)
to cry out war and tragedy and oppression -
she left those sad words behind
she left the machines and the crowd
to join the dreamcatchers in the mist of her mountain den -
where the sky walks the land
where the sunlight is singing
and the water is singing a river of beautiful words
falling through her valley/
fingers of water weaving transparent
through the twine of vine
falling through her hair,
raining down brow and breasts and toes
where she stands barefoot
under the great tree
and the immense forest breathing around her/
and the day and the night caress each other
like a man and a woman in love,
and the cool lips of the night
whisper time is not stone
and there is a bridge,
a bridge leaps the waters and the tower of trees,
a bridge of dreams and words,
its path is fern and flower and golden rain,
and always, always
the bridge is love.

David Hallett