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High School and University Reviews...

"David Hallett challenged many of our students’ personal views of poetry and politics. His performances allowed students to appreciate the malleability of poetry, highlighting the fact it is far more than words on a page.”

KirstenAnderson Canberra Grammar School

“David Hallett has presented lectures to HSC students at Emmanuel Anglican College on Peter Skrzynecki, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath. The students were completely engaged by the presentations. Mr Hallett’s style reflects a poet’s insights and a thorough knowledge of the material concerned. His work was supported by detailed notes that the students found of value. I endorse his work and look forward to nviting him back to the College for further presentations.

Gerry Benfield, Curriculum Services Coordinator

Emmanuel Anglican College, Ballina

Presentations on Sylvia Plath, John Donne and Wilfred Owen:

“A comprehensive overview of the central concerns of each poet with particular reference to key poems set for study. Personal insight assisted students in forming their own opinions and perceptions with regard to themes, language and contextual relevance of set texts.”

Julie Henry, Maclean High School

“Mr Hallett’s poetry readings were enjoyed by both senior and junior students in our school. The Year 12 students especially felt his reading of Skrzynecki’s poetry, and the accompanying notes, to be enjoyable, and informative.”

Patricia Merz, St Andrews Christian School, Grafton

“David Hallett’s timely and informative overview of Wilfred Owen’s poetry was a great revision exercise for Year 12 HSC students. Lots of tips presented in a fresh and interesting way.”

Jo Mellefont, Head Teacher English, Grafton High School

“David Hallett’s performance poetry seminar captured the attention and imagination of the students who took part, especially those who participated in the junior program, ‘Rhythm, Rhyme & Rap’. It was exciting and very entertaining to see the written word brought to life, and the relationship between sound (aural imagery), emotion, body language and voice.”

Rachael Gorham, English Dept, Murwillumbah High School

“It is my pleasure to endorse your performance poetry work in secondary schools. The quality of your original poetry has entertained & challenged students from Years 7-12 in both Trinity Catholic College & Emmanuel Anglican College. Your insights into HSC texts have assisted students in their preparation for examinations.”

Gerry Benfield, Trinity Catholic College & Emmanuel Anglican College

“With the new syllabus placing so much emphasis on the context of the poet, and how the texts have been valued over time, David Hallett’s presentation provides valuable insight and revision. His enthusiasm for John Donne is contagious.”

Grant Adams, Broken Hill High School

Presentation on Peter Skrzynecki:

“The students were very appreciative of the fresh insights you provided and greatly benefitted from a poet’s voice in reading and deconstructing the works and revealing their historical context.”

Robin Baly, Tweed River High School

“The students enjoyed the way he made Bruce Dawe’s poetry come to life. He was inspirational in his love of the spoken word. He is a real resource as he is able to present works that are relevant to the course and to the students”.

Anne Jones, St John’s College, Woodlawn

“…material really connected with the students’ situation/personal experiences, David gave poetry real flesh and blood”.

Barry Miller, Mullumbimby High School

“David quickly established a rapport with students from Years 7-11. Everyone was enthralled and thoroughly entertained. Students and staff alike were very impressed by his ideas and his art in comunication”.

Malcolm McFarlane, Wilcannia Central School

“David Hallett has been providing performances at Murwillumbah High for a number of years. David presents workshops targeted at different age groups, and provides lectures to HSC students on prescribed poets such as Dawe, Owen, Hughes and Plath. These lectures included readings and analysis of the set poems and were well received by students and teachers. I would recommend David to any English faculty looking to add an extra dimension to their student’s appreciation of poetry.”

David Field, Murwillumbah High School

“I think for a school to miss an entertaining and informative seminar by David would be a sad loss for any school community, especially since poetry needs to ‘come alive’ for students through meaningful rendition. This David does to perfection and therefore we strongly recommend his work.”

Jan Hawthorn, Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes

“The students enjoyed the way he made Bruce Dawe’s poetry come to life. He was inspirational in his love of the spoken word and his ability to link the theme of Consumerism with works of his own gave students vital equipment for their exams. Students were absorbed in each performance and disappointed when it ended. Their many thoughtful questions and his equally thoughtful answers, on the techniques, content and performance of his poetry impressed me greatly. He is a real resource as he is able to present works that are relevant to the course and to the students.”

Anne Jones, St John’s College, Woodlawn

“Very friendly, approachable performer who relates well to teenagers.”

Rosie Powys-Kerr, Richmond River High School

“An enthusiastic, highly motivating performance. We would like David to return to our school to work with large and small groups.”>

Dorothy Smith, Woodburn Central School

"David certainly held the students attention as he presented his ‘Rhythm, Rhyme and Rap’ show, while leading students to appreciate some of the intricacies of technique, and encouraging the students to locate the effect of these techniques in the poems they were hearing. The other remarkable impact of David’s own performance poetry was that the students were spellbound by the sheer length and complexity of the poems which they saw David performing without notes. David’s memory opened up the whole idea of performance memory and the way a performance can hold an audience with humour and the power of language.”

Adrienne Coyle, St John’s College, Woodlawn

“In our student feedback at the end of this semester many of the students made a particular point of mentioning David’s lecture as one of the high points of their study in this unit.”

Janie Conway-Heron, School of Arts, Southern Cross University

“…an excellent model for our students”.

Dr Sandra Hutchins, Victoria College of the Arts

“…really good…really clever and funny…”

students, Evan’s River K-12 School

“David Hallett is a true performer, a wordsmith of exceptional quality, and even better he’s an old hand with teenagers. His session with Year 12 on Wilfred Owen was clear, concise, informative and resonated with the power and emotion found within the poems themselves. The time spent with Year 9 on protest poetry was also extremely good. The class was held mesmerized by his amazing use of words, his wit and eloquent delivery.”

Jane Mari, Nimbin Central School

“Donne/Edson HSC unit: Poetry readings were great. They broke up the dissertation/delivery well  Hearing you read Donne was fantastic and allowed much discussion of alternative readings which Edson herself discusse in Wit. Some great study notes too.”

Steve Trotter, Wollumbin High School.