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money is god and we are the dog
so tighten the collar and turn the cog/
rust the truth
wash the car
dream of an island
and dance at the bar/
in the dice of a deal
to buy is to feel
the loaded trolley of our packaged folly/
we chip the forest and suck the egg
a night at the opera to turn all the heads/
they sing cry the river
postcard the hills
play the computer
and pay the bills (pay the bills)/
by the purr of the motor
at your pearly gate
you turn the deadlock
as you peel the grape/
new lamps for old
the emporer’s got no clothes
they double the rent
as the feral family grows/
barbed-wire tears and boatpeople fears
they beef up security as the invasion nears…
so fax me the sea in black and white
if we never look back it all seems right/
so chew the cud
and poison the cod
for we are the dog
and money (money) is god.

David Hallett